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At Alpen Mortgage, we have a simple philosophy:If a deal makes sense to all parties involved, we want to quickly fund that deal.  Hear what others have to say about Alpen Mortgage’s philosophy:

TDC logo
“Alpen Mortgage is a valuable partner to Tolles Development Company. They have a unique ability to fund deals that have a high degree of complexity. Their creativity and ability to execute continues to play a significant role in TDC establishing our footprint in the Marketplace.”

Par Tolles

Tolles Development Company

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“Our business at S3 Development puts us in front of many unique and interesting projects.  Having a resource like Alpen Mortgage on our team gives us the confidence to bid projects that other lenders simply won’t touch.  We are thrilled with how Alpen has performed for us over the years,”

blake smith
Blake Smith

S3 Development Company, LLC

“As a partner in a development group with sophisticated and diverse issues in our projects, It has been a pleasure to work with Max Haynes and his folks at Alpen Mortgage.   They dig in and make sure that they understand what we are doing.”

Donald J. Clark, AIA
Cathexes, LLC

“The vibrant economy currently enveloping the Reno area is very much dependent upon growth, and it’s essential that private capital be available to fuel this dynamic and still unfolding story. Alpen Mortgage has been a strategic player in northern Nevada’s economic renaissance, providing private money to critical projects throughout the community.”

Brian Krolicki
Former Lieutenant Governor
State Of Nevada

“Alpen Mortgage has been an important part of our amazing growth over the past 10 years.  Their quick funding and dedicated team have been a pleasure.  We are now Northern Nevada’s largest independent builder and we thank Alpen Mortgage!.”

Ken and Darci Hendrix
Jenuane Communities

“I’ve used Alpen Mortgage for the past 10 years while building my Land Development business.  Alpen’s ability to ‘get it done’ when others can’t has made Alpen Mortgage my #1 go to lender!  They are quick to decisions and most reliable at funding on time!.”

Richard Nevis
Azores Development, Inc